Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the W&J Rentals Rules and Regulations page. These rules and regulations are a binding part of your lease. A violation of any of these rules may be considered a failure to honor your lease obligations, and consequently, you may be considered in default and subject to legal action under the lease and the law.

1. Tenants shall respect the rights of other residents and neighbors and shall not unreasonably disturb them. Tenants shall avoid excessive noise especially after 10:00 PM, including the playing of electronic devices such as radios, televisions, music.

2. Tenants shall comply with state laws and regulations regarding the consumption of alcoholic beverages, including those defining legal drinking age. No alcoholic beverages shall be consumed in public areas outside the leased premises, including hallways, porches and lawns. No keg or party-balls or other parties are permitted and shall be cause for termination of the lease agreement and forfeiture of all money paid. We will periodically check apartments for lease violations. Tenant will be charged a $100.00 fine for any keg found on the premises.

3. Tenants shall not park motor vehicles on lawns, sidewalks, or in a manner to block garbage removal and shall comply with state and local traffic laws and ordinances.

4. Tenants shall maintain the leased premises in a clean and orderly manner. Tenants shall sweep sidewalks, porches, hall and steps and remove debris from walks and lawns.

5. Tenants shall be responsible for the removal of snow and ice from the access to their apartment including but not limited to, sidewalks, porches and steps, including breaks.

6. Tenants shall properly bag and secure garbage and place it in the area designated for weekly collection. Tenants shall keep the collection area, to include porches and common areas, free from litter and debris. Borough ordinance requires all garbage to be in plastic bags and to be placed in garbage cans or dumpsters.

7. No animals shall be kept in or about the leased premises. NO PETS.

8. No waterbeds are permitted in the leased premises without written permission by landlord.

9. Tenants shall not make holes in the walls with nails, tacks, or other devices. Tenants must secure permission of landlord before using tape of any kind on the walls.

10. Tenants shall not paint the interior of the leased premises or alter its fixtures or appliances without the written consent of the landlord.

11. Tenants are responsible for their own mail over academic breaks and holidays. Tenants shall notify post office of forwarding address upon termination of lease.

12. Tenants are not permitted to change the locks to their apartment or to make any additional keys.

13. Upon termination of the lease agreement, tenants shall return all keys to the office of the landlord. A charge of $50.00 per day will be assessed to anyone not returning their key on the ending date of the lease.

14. Let it also be understood and agreed that there will be NO "Parties" allowed. NO kegs of beer or party balls are permitted upon the premises under any circumstances.

15. Any clogging repair or damage done to plumbing due to carelessness or personal hygiene products, hair, or food particles, etc. shall be the responsibility of the tenant. A MINIMUM of $35.00 will be charged to call a plumber. There will be additional charges if an electric eel is required.

16. Garbage pickup for your apartment will be Friday morning; 8:00 AM- garbage should be placed in the container and placed at the curb or dumpster Thursday night. (Time & day subject to change)

17. There will be a LOCK OUT FEE OF $25.00. (Before 8:00 AM & after 4:00 PM and all Weekends and Holidays)

18. Tenants are not permitted on roof tops for sunbathing or any other activities.

19. There will be NO "Open Flames" in or around the leased property. Gas grills are acceptable, charcoal grills are not acceptable.

20. NOTICE: THERE WILL BE A $35.00 FEE FOR ALL RETURNED CHECKS! All Future payments must be in cash, money order or certified funds after receiving a check that is returned for nonpayment.

21. Only standard window coverings are permitted- drapes, curtains, blinds etc. are permitted. FLAGS, TOWELS, SHEETS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO BE HUNG AT WINDOWS.

22. Fire Extinguishers and Smoke alarms are placed in the unit for your safety. They should not be tampered with. Any repairs needing done due to tampering will be charged to the tenant. Any damage or injury resulting from smoke alarm and fire extinguishers made inoperable by tenants will be the responsibility of tenants.

23. Tenants shall be responsible for all family members, guests and invitees who must comply with all the above rules and regulations when visiting the leased premises. Guest are not permitted to stay overnight without advance permission from the Dentino Agency. The two day limit on guests staying will be strictly enforced.

24. Landlord cannot be held responsible for losses due to the breakdown of a refrigerator or other major appliance.

25. Tenant will be charged $100.00 for any calls involving the police where a disturbance is occurring or has occurred, as a result of the behavior of the tenants or the tenant guests.

26. You must provide the office with a valid e-mail address you will be using during the school term. We will notify tenants by e-mail of apartment showings and other important notices. You will be responsible for checking your e-mail regularly to receive messages and advance notice of apartment viewing.

27. Any fees due for fines, damage, utilities, etc., will be billed and due immediately. If not paid within ten days of receipt of the bill, the money will be deducted from any rent received. Rent will then be in arrears and late fees will accrue.

28. Satellite dishes are not permitted.

29. Paintball guns and paint balls are not permitted on the premises. Any damage due to paint balls will be the responsibility of the tenant.

30. If your unit is serviced by central air conditioning, you may not use portable or window air conditioning units.

31. Apartments with washers and dryers are there for your convenience and for tenants use only. If the washer or dryer breaks and it is determined to be caused by the tenant, the tenant will be responsible for the cost of repairs.

32. Tenant agrees that any possession of illegal drugs or drug activity will result in immediate eviction.

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